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We assist our customers in achieving on-demand secure info-sharing across their enterprise by providing
innovative software tools to manage and enforce role-based access policy to the information level.


You have a critical need for timely, accurate, trusted and secure information, whether you are defending national security or safeguarding vital PII, PHI, PCI data or proprietary data. The fact is that information is more abundant and available than ever before—but it has never been more vulnerable.


InfoCenSec® is Information-Centric Security—a new approach that provides customers with a scalable and affordable solution that assists them in obtaining timely privacy compliance with federal and commercial privacy guidelines for managing access control and protecting shared information.


Data Has Become The New End Point. Computers do not steal data-people do. People will always find a way in from outside or inside. It is well known that the insider threat risk is growing, and regardless of an internal or external attack, the endgame for the cyber attacker is the data and not the device.


Need2Know® (N2K) Software Deployed in SoftLayer Cloud

InfoAssure, Inc. announced that its patented software Need2Know® (N2K) has completed initial deployment and testing in the IBM SoftLayer Cloud Service. The N2K administration servers and N2K Windows clients are installed on virtual machines (VM) on a bare metal host server in SoftLayer's cloud. N2K can now be demonstrated over the Internet anywhere-anytime.

InfoAssure, Inc. Awarded Three Patents

Today InfoAssure, Inc. announced that it has been awarded three patents on its core encryption technology and its Information-Centric Security (InfoCenSec®) software product called Need2Know® (N2K) is based on these patents.

Need2Know® (N2K) Software Certified for Top Secret Network

InfoAssure.com, Inc. announced that its patented software Need2Know® (N2K) version 4.3 has completed the DoDIIS testing and certification process and received a certificate to field (CTF) for N2K from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for use on the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS), the Top Secret network used by the Intelligence Community (IC) and the Department of Defense (DoD).

InfoAssure, Inc. Need2Know® (N2K) Core Technology in USSOCOM CWID 09 Demo

Today InfoAssure, Inc. announced that the USSOCOM demonstration was chosen as one of the "Top Five" technology picks out of nearly 50 demos from more than 20 NATO partner countries participating in the recent Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration 09 (CWID) hosted by the US Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, VA.


Need2Know (N2K) is a patented, cryptographic InfoCenSec® software solution for crypto-binding user access and use policies to the data object providing a persistent cryptographic need-to-know protection of the data object at rest or in transit.

With N2K persistent cryptographic need-to-know protection of the data object combined with related metadata tags, the data object becomes Self-Protected data, a new concept enabling significant performance for secure discovery, access control, and information sharing independent of web and network-centric infrastructures.

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